Brady Gaster is a Christian dad who lives near Seattle, Washington. At work, he and his amazing colleagues work together to make it fun for .NET developers to party in the cloud. At home, he tinkers with MIDI hardware and makes loud music amidst a hurricane of wires.

best birthday ever

posted 8 years ago in Personal

first of all, the birthday story. it was, without a doubt, the single best birthday of my life. we had a meeting early in the evening with the pastor who will be presiding over our wedding. the gentleman was in town doing a seminar on a group he oversees. this group does work for families in nicaragua. it's mission-focused, Christian in nature, and all-around very rewarding. turns out the guy needed a web site for his initiative, so g and i will be helping him get one set up and designed. Once the conversation and info session was over we headed to our friend norm's new bar for a drink with friends. turns out there was a little more than that in store for me. when i walked into the joint, everyone i know in this city was there awaiting our arrival. g looked at me and said "you said you'd never had a surprise party.... so...." all of our friends were there, and they all toasted me and my birthday. we laughed a lot about how shocked i was, took pictures, and all that typical surprise birthday stuff. (i say typical, but this was my first ever surprise birthday party and i loved every minute of it) at one point late in the night, the whole crowd began to sing happy birthday to me and a cake appeared with one burning candle. i prepared to blow out the candle by closing my eyes in preparation for wishmaking. and then i heard someone behind me say "wait, you forgot something." i turn around and see g hunching over, holding what appeared to be... no, it couldn't be... but it was - a guitar case with the word "fender" on it. i couldn't believe it. i opened the case and saw the holy grail of gifts - the mark knopfler signature series fender stratocaster . gina got me a guitar. for my birthday. and not just any guitar, mind you, but THE guitar - of my dreams. i could have never guessed this was coming, but from the looks on all of my friends' faces, they'd all known - and kept it a secret, something that i couldn't imagine being able to do on my own - for weeks. so i've had the best birthday ever. i got a few other gifts - some technical books and an awesome mogwai cd from my amazon wish list, to name a few. but i'll tell you, nothing could ever top this. all of the guys agreed, "you've got the perfect girl, man. you'd better be good to her." amen, i say. she's the best. she made it the best. thanks, babe!