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Creating new posts

posted one year ago in downr

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the goals of downr is that it feels natural for developer bloggers who use Visual Studio Code and the .NET CLI. As such, we've created a .NET tool that contains a blog post template.

Install the downr tools

To make your downr blogging experience feel as natural as developing with .NET Core, run the following command to install the downr CLI tools.

dotnet new --install downr-tools::1.0.0

Installing the tools will place a simple template into your dotnet new template list named post.

Create a new post

With the tools installed, creating a new post is simple. Open a terminal window in the wwwroot\posts folder of your site and execute this dotnet new command:

dotnet new post --output new-post

This will create a the following folder structure underneath your posts folder:

|-- posts
    |-- new-post
        |-- media
            |-- placeholder.png

The file will contain the defaults if you don't provide any parameters. From executing the command above, you'd get an with this content:

title: My new downr blog post
slug: my-new-downr-blog-post
author: author-name
lastModified: 2020-01-19 12:15:38
pubDate: 2020-01-19 12:15:38
categories: blog,post,article
description: This is a description of the post.

Your content here in [Markdown]( format.

![Sample image](media/placeholder.png)

Post template CLI parameters

If you'd prefer to use the template's CLI parameters to set your metadata up front, you can find out descriptions of the parameters via the dotnet new post --help command, which results with the following output:

    -t|--title        The title of your blog post                                                               
                        string - Optional                                                                         
                        Default: My new downr blog post                                                           

    -s|--slug         A URL-friendly slug that will make your post easy to find                                 
                        string - Optional                                                                         
                        Default: my-new-downr-blog-post                                                           

    -au|--author      The name you wish to be recognized by on the blog                                         
                        string - Optional                                                                         
                        Default: author-name                                                                      

    -c|--categories   A comma-separated list of categories in which your blog will appear                       
                        string - Optional                                                                         
                        Default: blog,post,article                                                                

    -d|--description  A description of your site. This will be used in the site RSS feed to introduce your post.
                        string - Optional                                                                         
                        Default: This is a description of the post.

So, you could get started with a new post, complete with the metadata to describe the post rather than the boring defaults, using something like:

dotnet new post -t "My exciting new post" -au happy-blogger -s my-exciting-new-post -o my-exciting-new-post -d "This post is going to be so awesome and you will be a better person for reading it."

If you're a detail-oriented CLI user who isn't afraid of that verbose a command, the results are like blogging zen. A fully-ready document awaiting your creative output.

title: My exciting new post
slug: my-exciting-new-post
author: happy-blogger
lastModified: 2020-01-19 12:26:33
pubDate: 2020-01-19 12:26:33
categories: blog,post,article
description: This post is going to be so awesome and you will be a better person for reading it.

Now, my metadata needs are satisfied, and I can start writing.