Brady Gaster is a Christian dad who lives near Seattle, Washington. At work, he and his amazing colleagues work together to make it fun for .NET developers to party in the cloud. At home, he tinkers with MIDI hardware and makes loud music amidst a hurricane of wires.

Job Hunting Update

posted 8 years ago in Personal

Things are going well. I'm finding a good deal of leads and getting back into the technology I've for so long enjoyed only to have been forced to abandon for the last year in my daily work life.

I've gotten back into the web browser and I have to say I'm enjoying it, as much as I'm enjoying learning about NHibernate, Ninject, and a host of other topics I've somewhat disregarded as a result of being pretty sure they wouldn't be of much use to my previous job anyway. I actually discovered Ninject some time back when it was still under initial development and didn't give it the time it deserved so I'm excited to get into it now to learn.

Ultimately, I'm happy I'm no longer working in an environment where my own professional goals aren't totally in accordance with those of my employer and I feel pretty certain I'm going to have an exciting few weeks getting re-acquainted with the technologies I've been bookmarking and finding interesting, only to lack the ability to put to use in my work life.

Through this rough first week of unemployment, my wife has been amazingly supportive. This is nothing new, she's always been a rock in my life and in the lives of so many other friends and neighbors. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful wife and child, and though we're entering a relatively scary time together I know we're entering it together, and that's all that really matters in the end. I'm pretty sure I tell her often enough to make sure she knows how confident I am that I'd fall on my face without her, but it never hurts to put it out there to make sure she's reminded as often as possible. 

Bottom line is that I'm happy in spite of the stress of looking for a job. I have an amazing network of peers, colleagues, and good people on my side. Each call I make to my network instills in me the faith that I've built a good one, and that they're going to do everything to repay the help I've tried to give them for the past few years. I've always known that looking out for recruiters and colleagues would pay off in professional karma in good time, and right now I'm seeing evidence all over that I was accurate in my faithful estimates.

My departure was a blessing, and I look forward to the next steps I'll take in my career.