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i remember hearing orson scott card speak while an undergraduate student at appalachian state university. this small "college-within-the-college" residential program called watuaga college that took one of those neo-70's hip-ducation angles, with social commentary and philo-socio-techno-analysis as focii of the faculty and reading material. these people had ecotopia as required summer reading, if that gives you any better picture of the type of scene. not that that's a bad thing, mind you, it's just really frickin liberal and forward-thinking. almost bold. balls.., yeah... education with balls). anyway, orson taught - and still teaches, i think - a really interesting novel-writing class in the asu new york city soho loft for watuaga college. a week with the guy, writing a novel. getting torn up by him and your peers. i heard good things, but always thought i had "better" things to do with my spring breaks than spend them writing. (who'd-a-thought?) well, we read a now-legendary book by the name of enders game by card, and it was amazing. i've been meaning to read the others in this series for some time. the really funny thing is that, just a few days ago we went to pick up some take-out at the pizzeria nearby. while there this little kid sat down next to me with a copy of one of the books in the series. i told him i'd met card and he got all excited. talking to a super-bright tot about ender and card... that's cool, i tell ya. turns out that someone somewhere's gotten a great idea and taken the amazing tale of a gifted child who - whilst thinking he's playing a game designed to train him in the ways of cosmic warfare ends up saving the universe - can be used as something just shy of a methodological plan of execution for the training of the military . i just noticed that this article's over a year old. weird that i'm finding it now by way of a more recent link i spotted over at slashdot .