Brady Gaster is a Christian dad who lives near Seattle, Washington. At work, he and his amazing colleagues work together to make it fun for .NET developers to party in the cloud. At home, he tinkers with MIDI hardware and makes loud music amidst a hurricane of wires.

So I'm at the airport awaiting the boarding call and wanted to take a second to update everyone. My teammte Jon Galloway has done a great job of talking up the upcoming web camps schedule . You can find out about it more at the Microsoft DevCamps Site specific to the web camp events . This is an exciting time for the Microsoft Web Stack, and Jon, myself, and quite a few other talented developers and speakers are going to be hitting the road to talk about all things web. If you're in Brussels on Thursday, we'd love to have you there, so come register for the event online. 

This is my first series of Web Camp events since joining Microsoft, and I can honestly say I'm super-excited about the content we'll be distributing, presentations being put on, and about the opportunity to work with so many talented speakers and event coordination folks. 

Learn a little more about the web camps by watching the Channel 9 Web Camps TV Introduction