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Yo, Pat! I'm the one from CNN

posted 8 years ago in Personal

This morning I found out that our old confused little friend Pat Robertson is up to his old antics again, spewing his own form and flavor of [what he refers to as] Christianity. I didn't like what I heard, so when asked by the television (CNN, specifically) to send in via email my thoughts on the matter, I did so with furious vigor. A few minutes later I heard my name come out of the television and looked up to see that my letter was being read aloud! So if you missed it, here's the transcript, which I'm not ashamed or afraid of admitting is my own writing.

Pat Robertson has, as many other Christians have, lost his way. At some point he and his political cohorts and their respective, collective agendas have taken precedence over their spiritual backgrounds. He is not - repeat not - a voice that I or any other Christian should have speaking on our behalf. No Christian should support assassination, or practice hatred, or greed.